Issue 17.06.2012


On 17.06.2012 in Moldova after a malfunction of the main canopy the pilot makes a cutaway. The video shows that the right main riser with the RSL split seconds earlier than the left one. This is unusual and abnormal situation. The RSL is equipped with an extra belt and in this case it helped the left riser to cut away and normal reserve opening to be achieved.

We are adopting an airworthiness directive ( AD ) for all AVALON Harness containers. This AD requires you to inspect the length of the cutaway cable. This AD is issued because of a report from a pilot making a cut away after malfunction of the main canopy. We are issuing this AD to detect and correct any incorrectly assembly of the cutaway cables length. This condition if left uncorrected, could lead to wrong rescue opening and twisting of both (main and reserve) canopies.

This AD becomes effective on June 20, 2012. If this AD is not executed immediately after its publication, responsibility for the consequence of failure are were of the owner/rigger of the AVALON harness container.

To address this problem all owners and riggers of AVALON Harness container must do the following:
1. Put the harness and straighten the main risers.
2. Check the length of the cutaway cables (see the pictures for correct adjustment). The left main riser must be released prior/before the right one with the RSL. That’s mean the right cutaway cable (with the RSL) should be longer than the left one.
3. The left main riser must be released 15 mm (½ inch) prior/before the right one with the RSL.


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