Avalon Accuracy


The AVALON Accuracy  harness is one of the few harnesses made especially for accuracy. Constructed in such way that provides a good posture in the air, specifically while landing, this harness provides all the comfort needed by this discipline. The hanging point is strategically placed over the shoulder of the skydiver for the purposes already mentioned. The hip rings and chest rings, placed over anatomical bending points, give the skydiver the freedom of movement he needs. The auto-locking leg straps will come in handy because we all know while moving with the rig on, the leg straps could get uneven, which could become very unconfortable. But with our harness that is not a problem anymore.

Technical features:

  • 3D spacer foam back pad
  • Magnet raiser cover
  • Hip rings
  • Optional reversed leg straps (no extra charges)
  • Custom embroidery
  • Skyhook/RSL/Direct
  • 3D spacer foam padded stabilizer
  • Riser extentions (for break lines)
  • AVALON AC  POP TOP version
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