Avalon Student

In manufacturing this new generation harness APS applies the most advanced technologies and the best new material known to the industry. The harness permits opening by static line, IAD or AFF. The student enjoys perfect comfort and the instructors have the peace of mind. AVALON Student comes standard with: Cordura fabric, Reserve static line (RSL) system, Main deployment bag, Hand deployed pilot chute, Stainless steel reserve ripcord, Pillow model cutaway handle, Main risers, Knive pocket on leg belt, AAD and Pin check windows. Additional options are: Manual ripcord activation (BOC or hip position) with spring loaded pilotchute. AFF secondary handles for HD or spring loaded pilotchute, Direct bag with static line, Soft pad on the back, Custom embroideries.


  • Cutaway pilot chute pouch (for AFF)
  • Optional static line cord
  • Adjustable lateral straps (vertical and horizontal) to fit all size students
  • Clear window for rescue pin check
  • Clear window for AAD check
  • Easy interchangable from static line to pilot chute 
  • Comfortable 3D space foam padding 
  • Magnetic riser covers
  • RSL/Skyhook
  • Optional Pop Top rescue version
  • Optional custom embroidery
  • Manual ripcord activation (BOC or hip position) with spring loaded pilotchute
  • AFF secondary handles for HD
  • Direct bag with static line
  • AVALON Student  POP TOP version


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