AVALON Coloring Program
AVALON by APS - Sat, 9 May 2015
Make the best an unique harness specially for yourself with your favorites colors!  see more at    


PIA Certification
AVALON by APS - Tue, 14 Oct 2014


ISO Certification
AVALON by APS - Tue, 14 Oct 2014
You are safe with us! Becouse we want the best for our clients, Avalon is now ISO cerified,  which means we raised our standards in product quality. The production stages take place faster, more accurate, with more atention on details, all this in order  to provide you with high quality and safe products.


Skyhook approval
AVALON by APS - Wed, 10 Apr 2013
Dear Customers, AVALON harness container just got the Skyhook approval. The Skyhook option is available for order from April 15th.


AVALON Skyhook test
AVALON by APS - Mon, 4 Feb 2013
After a lot of funny jumps AVALON test pilots finished the SKYHOOK test program. Great job and excellent results!  Soon the customers of AVALON Harness container will have the opportunity to take their AVALON rig with Skyhook RSL system.    


AVALON in Dubai
AVALON by APS - Wed, 23 Jan 2013
Skydivers from whole over the world were charmed by new AVALON rig. The Mondial 2013 in Dubai was successful not only for the Winners of the WPC , but also for AVALON Harness container. With unique design and technical innovations AVALON has impressed all visitors of the most spectacular event of the year.  AVALON harness shows the public high quality, best materials and nice design. Bulgarian National Parachute Team sponsored by AVALON.     


AVALON by APS - Tue, 18 Sep 2012
It is our great pleasure to invite all participants and guests of World Parachuting Championships – Mondial‘2012 to visit our booth at Skydive Dubai Dropzone! There you can see the latest changes in AVALON containers and let your desires and impressions.


AVALON by APS - Fri, 31 Aug 2012
We have world champions!  BB Team "Dear Avasport, We are Paula, Miki y Alex from the Bad Boys Team in Ocaña Madrid. We have been recentely sponsored by your firm with a container and went to Hungary for the VI International Artistic Wingsuit Competition winning the championship one more year. We would like to thank you for the sponsorship, the quick production and the quality of your product. We are all very pleased with the rigs, they feel like wearing nothing once we are in the air flying our w...


AVA Sport - Sun, 29 Apr 2012
For the first time AVALON harness appears to show in Deland – USA . With the modest performance of several harnesses its presentation of new material was seen by all as a producer of very good quality and proper line.



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