We have world champions! 

BB Team

"Dear Avasport,

We are Paula, Miki y Alex from the Bad Boys Team in Ocaña Madrid. We have been recentely sponsored by your firm with a container and went to Hungary for the VI International Artistic Wingsuit Competition winning the championship one more year. We would like to thank you for the sponsorship, the quick production and the quality of your product.

We are all very pleased with the rigs, they feel like wearing nothing once we are in the air flying our wingsuits and give us a feeling of safety that leaves the worries behind and lets us concentrate to do our jobs in the best manner. After canopy opening, the legstraps are very comfortable to lay from and the flying is very smooth.

Thank you again for your support and we hope to keep on winning titles and spreading the word about these wonderful Avalon containers.


BB Team"


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